Since 1990, microSOLAR has been active in Bangladesh, Egypt, El Salvador, India, Honduras, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, USA and Europe.
microSOLAR works with private investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers.

Selected projects

2016 Researched the design and operation of the solar market in rural Bangladesh
2014 Guides energy entrepreneurs in Cameroon, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Uganda
2012 Worked on strategies for the acceleration of rural green energy business
2009 Planned a municipality's transition from
fossil fuel to renewable energy utilization
2007 Analyzed rural energy service enterprises
in Bangladesh
2006 Advised an African government on microfinance
for rural electrification
2005 Initiated the replication of a leading business
model for rural energy services
2004 Researched innovations which will determine
the course of rural electrification
2003 Investigated rural renewable
energy business models
2002 Researched the options for private investment
in "microfinance for rural electrification"
2001 Co-organized the startup of a private
rural Internet service provider
2000 Co-organized the startup of a private
investment fund for microfinance
1999 Investigated business opportunities
for rural Internet providers
1997 Co-organized the Microcredit Summit, the first
worldwide effort to advance microfinance
1996 Researched the evolution of a microcredit
bank in Honduras
1995 Co-organized growth funding for a
leading microfinance institution

microfinance & rural electrification